Software development has been my strength and focus for as long as I started owning a computer. I enjoy building libraries, applications and systems that make things work.

But I always have a passion on security. Not only to develop quality code to minimize bugs and vulnerabilities, but be also able to protect & defend our data, sensitive information and devices. My interests has only grow stronger. Especially when we are getting more connected than ever (as individuals & companies) and those data/security breaches have been in the rising.

Ethical hacking is calling me. The best defense is good offense. Can’t agree more. Sound defensive security is through an offensive approach. Applying defensive controls by knowing and understanding what the hackers do and how they do it. Proactively test out systems and infrastructure (penetration testing) before the bad guys get to you.

Let’s start

So I decided to dive into this path. And started studying for CEH certification to get a better understanding of security and ethical hacking for the past couple months. And I finally got it a week ago.

It’s only the beginning. Now it’s time to get my hands dirty. OSCP is my next target. Getting real hands on and practical is where the real fun begins. Well, I guess that’s also when the real hard work comes.

Stay tuned for more about my journey.

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