We discussed how to view PDF files more safely a while back.

Most of the time we only need to read PDF files. But once in a while, we want to combine pages from different PDF files into a single PDF file.

There are quite a bunch of websites that offer merging PDF files online. But for privacy and security reasons, We are looking for an offline software to do it locally without uploading any files.

There you have it. PDFsam Basic. It’s their free version that allows you to split or merge PDF files easily.

How to merge PDFs using PDFsam Basic

  • Download and install PDFsam Basic
  • Run PDFsam and click on Merge
PDFsam Dashboard
  • then drag and drop PDF files to the app
PDFsam merge by drag and drop
  • scroll to bottom and click Run
PDFsam performs merge
  • Done. Merged file at same folder where you drag the PDF files

That’s it. Pretty easy. Enjoy.

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